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Trauma and Guilt rolled into one

Some time ago I had a client that was badly affected by Trauma from a previous relationship. I won't go into details but suffice to say that they also had to deal with the guilt they felt that it was their fault. Always blamed themselves for the breakup and the cause of it. As we know, there is always 

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Had a lovely young woman present with OCD which had been troubling her for years, from an early age. It was sad to hear the cause and how it has blighted her life from such a young age. Considering her age and how she presented, she was coping fairly well but an awful lot of her time was spent doing rituals of various things and that in itself is 

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Anxiety is incredibly common, and whats more common is how easy it is to deal with. Not easy to think beyond how anxious you are and how you can overcome it, but from my experience its one of the easiest things to do. 

I have had many clients come to me for resolving this issue and I can't pick out one person who it didnt work for. The enlightening thing is 

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Weight Loss

You get one of those clients occasionally who is determined to succeed in life. One of those clients came to me determined that losing weight was their goal. This was great to hear when they messaged me about this initially.

During the consultation, it then transpired that they had other issues, but they had been blocked out by their subconcious mind from years ago. The whole point of my consultation is to uncover anything that may be holding the client back from achieving what they want to achieve. 

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