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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a therapeutic or spiritual technique that aims to help individuals explore and potentially recall memories or experiences from what is believed to be their past lives. The concept behind past life regression is rooted in various belief systems, including some forms of Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age spirituality. It suggests that a person's soul has lived through multiple lifetimes, each with its own set of experiences and lessons. Past Life Regression can also help identify problems with your current life and potentially the reasons around an issue.

Here's how past life regression typically works:

  1. Hypnosis or Deep Relaxation: I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation or hypnosis. This is intended to make you more receptive to accessing subconscious memories.

  2. Exploration: While in this relaxed state, you are encouraged to recall memories or images that surface. These memories are often described as coming from past lives and may involve specific events, locations, or individuals.

  3. Narration: You will verbally describe your experiences while under hypnosis. I will ask questions to help you explore and elaborate on the details of these past-life memories.

  4. Integration: After the regression session, you and I will discuss and interpret the memories and experiences that came up. This discussion can provide insight into current life challenges, relationships, and personal growth.


£100 per session. Sessions are normally 90mins to approx 2 hours long, sometimes a little longer.



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